About Dimensional Branding Group

is a brand extension agency that takes brands into new dimensions

Founded in 2000 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, DBG focuses on licensing, business development, and promotion to deliver strategic programs that drive revenue and strengthen the brand.

the Mission

DBG’s mission is to deliver value that can be measured.

the Philosphy

DBG chooses to work with a select portfolio of clients, providing them with service levels well beyond those of traditional licensing agencies.

DBG Believes

  • Technology has completely transformed the way people learn, socialize, and conduct business
  • Organizations that embrace new thinking and new patterns will thrive
  • The rules and approaches for engaging new markets have changed
  • The metrics for measuring brand equity are multi-dimensional
  • DBG’s experience in licensing, promotion, biz dev and the digital perspective gives our clients an advantage.
  • Authentic business relationships are built on trust, respect, and a depth of interaction that ensures well-crafted, effective solutions
Dimensional Branding Group

telephone: 415-595-5610
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