Let’s Get to Know Each Other.

We design strategic programs that focus on licensing, business development, and promotion in order to grow revenue and empower brands. Our brand extension programs are rooted in consumer behavior and brand perceptions, compelling and strategic creative, with the support of a partnership mindset that brings brand owners in on the journey of reaching new markets together.

Our founders

Larry Seidman, Managing Director
30+ years of executive business & creative experience in retail, branding, licensing, and promotion. Hails from Halo Industries, Somerset Van Ness Corporation, and Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.

John Leonhardt, Managing Director
20+ years of top level work in licensing-related industries – investment banking with First Boston, children’s entertainment with MCA/Universal, and licensing with Sega of America and Hasbro.

We’re a division of Bay Tek Games.

Bay Tek Games is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of redemption games for the amusement entertainment industry, as well as the home, amusement park, and carnival markets; with popular titles including Big Bass Wheel and the iconic alley roller game, Skee-Ball. DBG is Bay Tek Games’ licensing division, their in-house brand extension division that helps extend their arcade brands and titles to the next level. Together we’re an entertainment powerhouse, bringing family entertainment to as many markets as possible.

We’re part of a Village of Companies

We are part of a larger entity called The Village of Companies. There are ten different companies that make up The Village: Bay Tek Games, Green Bay Blizzard, ZYMO, Northwinds Adventures, MCL, FYX, LMG, MFS, NPDG, and Innovate 44.

The purpose of The Village is to grow and achieve:

  • Greater financial strength to grow during good times and weather any difficult ones
  • Greater capacity in our work force, equipment, and facilities
  • Greater career opportunities and financial rewards for our people
  • More ways for our community to benefit from our success
  • New people wishing to join us and more impactful opportunities for our community
  • Most of all it gives our talented, hardworking, and passionate people the ability to dream of what would be, and to be courageous enough to make them come true