Marketing Acumen

  • Deep understanding of how and why consumer perception drives brand preference and purchase intent
  • Articulating the essence of the brand
  • Research-driven approach to establishing product category and brand fit

Creative Vision

  • Applied creativity is the trait that truly sets DBG apart from other firms
  • Seeing beyond the obvious
  • Taking the vision and voice of a brand into fresh, profitable new dimensions
  • Creating magic that turns customers into brand advocates

Digital Expertise

  • Experience across the landscape - how to grasp it, maximize it, put it to work for clients
  • Insight into the anatomy of a hit and how it translates to multiple platforms
  • Anticipating and understanding technological change

Partnership Mindset

  • Immersive representation
  • Value driven approach to long-term advice
  • Conviction that great organizations thrive through movements, not campaigns
  • Helping our clients make informed decisions
Dimensional Branding Group

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