Profile:The number one brand name in the sleep & rest category
Objective:Extend the brand beyond the bed and traditional bedding retailers

Beautyrest® is the leading brand that delivers sleep that recharges the human battery delivering on the brand promise of “Living Life Fully Charged”™. Recharging sleep comes from the perfect combination of conforming back support and temperature management found in all Beautyrest® mattresses. The Beautyrest® brand affords potential licensees the right to extend its brand awareness, credibility and rest, comfort & technology attributes.

  • National Advertising expenditures of over $100 million dollars yearly in direct advertising, co-op advertising & retail support.
  • Creating increased consumer awareness and intent via web, social media, mobile, print and broadcast mediums.
  • Beuatyrest® has spent the last 140 years satisfying its customers with the ultimate in mattress innovation and total comfort.
  • High quality list of licensees.


  • The best brand name in the world for sleep, rest & comfort related products.
  • Health & wellness positioning drives four key areas: Diet, Sleep, Exercise and Rest.
  • Benefits: Sleep equals more energy, improve memory, reduces appetite & athletic performance.
  • The Beautyrest® brand is associated with technology infused attributes, which builds consumer trust and credibility.


  • All ages + 25+


  • Delta Children's Products LLC: Crib mattresses, juvenile furniture
  • Dwell Home Inc.: Futons
  • E&E Co., Ltd. d/b/a JLA Home: Electric and non-electric blankets and throws
  • E&E Co., Ltd. d/b/a JLA Pets: Pet bedding and related products
  • Future Foam Inc.: Memory foam pillows
  • GBS Enterprises LLC: Mattress and pillow protectors
  • GF Health Products, Inc.: Foam/air mattresses
  • Hollander Sleep Products LLC: Top of bed products
  • Hollywood Bed & Springs Company: Metal bed frames
  • Sleep 2000: Occasional use air beds
  • United Furniture & Industries, Inc.: Upholstered furniture, bedroom furniture


  • Branded Accessories: Ear plugs, masks, nose strips, night lights
  • Sleepwear, robes and apparel
  • Bedroom décor including lamps, blackout curtains & shades
  • Office & casual chairs
  • Digital & mobile
  • Publishing
  • Electronics: Sound machines, fans, coolers and clocks
  • Beverages: Teas
  • Fragrances: Aromas
  • Travel & camp gear: Pillows (neck), bags, mats
  • Outdoor Furniture: Chairs, loungers, swim rafts & pool chairs
  • Plush & sleepover kits for kids   

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