Larry Gets Lost

Profile:Since 2006 the Larry Gets Lost books have been entertaining and teaching children through the city by city adventures of Larry, a dog, and his friend Pete
Services:Llicensing, Promotion
Objective:Expand Publishing, Consumer Products and its Entertainment Platform


Since 2006 the award winning Larry Gets Lost children’s books have been entertaining children and teaching them about their world.  There are over 18 books in print in the Larry Gets Lost series. Each one delights childrenwhile traveling or just exploring their city by using the travel adventures of Larry (an adorable dog) and his young friend Pete, as they embark on various adventures from city to city.  Using publishing as a launch point the brand embodies a multi-platform DNA and a compelling look and feel that naturally translates into new categories that kids will embrace. The creator of Larry Gets Lost, John Skewes, is an award winning illustrator, veteran Disney artist and product designer. Our goal is to bring Larry to life in new cities across the world.


  • Books: 18 titles in print including Larry Gets Lost in: Alaska, Boston, Chicago, Portland, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Texas, Twin Cities, Prehistoric Times, Museum
  • Nearly 200,000 hard copies sold
  • Plans to expand into digital/mobile, foreign translations (Europe, Asia)
  • Educational: Larry Gets Lost books have been used in educational grants and lesson plans, geography and science
  • Awards: Pub West Gold Medal for design, 2011 National Book Festival Selection


  • Role play with Larry & Pete
  • Adventure & curiosity
  • Multi platform expansion
  • Beautiful graphics & engaging characters
  • Bedtime story element
  • Travel centric books familiarize children with their own area or an area where they travel
  • High perceived value for children’s property (Barney’s NY, Four Seasons)
  • Perfect for travel sector merchandising
  • Very merchandise-friendly character design and art
  • New stories can be developed & applied to destinations throughout the world


  • 3 and up, pre-reader to early reader


  • Plush
  • Toy & games
  • Puzzles
  • Craft
  • Mobile/Interactive

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