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  • Malibu is the world’s fastest growing flavored rum.
  • Malibu has always been synonymous with summer, now striving to become an even greater part of the summer experience for their target audience Young Fun Starters, helping them have the time of their lives.
  • Sharing this lifestyle and inspiring imagery with the beach town of Malibu, California, also emphasizes the strong potential in positioning Malibu accordingly as a lifestyle brand.
  • The Malibu brand vision is to become a global icon of Summer! Born from the ever-sunny Caribbean, Malibu is consequently serious about unleashing the spirit of summer.
  • Join us as we unleash the brand’s fun loving spirit in a collection of playful summer products to help spread the spirit of summer even further.



  • Carefree: Positive and optimistic; life is full of opportunities
  • Social: Making new friends, chilling at home, exciting times await
  • Fun: Spontaneous, warm, and happy
  • Playful: Active and colourful, turning good times into great times
  • A global brand already closely related to summer in terms of positioning
  • Malibu is universal and connects people all over the world
  • Experience-driven brand and engaged audience



  • Over 25



  • Games
  • Apparel
  • Publishing
  • Promotion
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